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As we are paid by the credit card processors, we are able to provide your business with extraordinary service without charging you a single cent. Don't hesitate another minute - give us a call for service from experienced and knowledgeable experts.

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From point-of-sale card processing to E-Commerce solutions, you can rely on us to get everything set up and squared away for your company.

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• Credit card authorization

• Credit card settlement

• Electronics Benefits Transfer

• Retrieval and chargeback solutions

When you call us to schedule your appointment with us, you can expect to receive fast and responsive service from our friendly technicians.

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If your business is already accepting  credit cards or wants to begin accepting cards.  Let us ensure that you are getting the best rates possible by having our experts reveiw enlisting our excellent services.

We are an authorized agents for the top processors in the US who processes over 30 billion transactions each year. We possess the knowledge and expertise that you need to find you the very best processor and least expensive rates for your business.

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